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Food joints Around Janpath

There is the lists of Food stalls around the market of Janpath are as follows:


There is the stall known by the stall of Pakwan near the market which offers you with the good quality food at a price which is reasonable to the public. Pakwan is the food stall which is famous for both the Chinese as well as Indian food but it is said that Pakwan is the stall which is popular because of its cheap fare whereas Chinese is the food they provide at little more price. Pakwan is commonly known for its Mutton Korma, Mushroom Matar, Saag Meat, Paneer Tikka and for many more. It is the food centre which is the best option for quick meal.

Sagar Restaurant

Sagar is the restaurant which is famous for its south Indian dishes. Ii is the restaurant which is located in south Delhi. Both Hyderabadi cuisine and cuisine of south Indian food is offered by the Sagar restaurant. The restaurant is full of luxurious facilities. It is the restaurant with better and efficient staff. Even it has the delivery option within the area of two km.

Tropical Smoothies Café

Tropical Smoothies Café is the stall which is famous for the variety of drinks and juices. It is spread over a large area of Delhi and its stalls are found almost in every mall. It is popular among the people who are more conscious about their fitness as it provides them with different variety of drinks during the hot season of summer. This place is very comfortable affordable to the people to enjoy the drinks here.

Monsoon Restaurant

Monsoon restaurant is the restaurant which is known for Mediterranean dishes. It is the five star hotel with full of luxurious facilities. The dishes here are prepared by the chefs who are very well trained. It is the place best for recommendation of wine as other drinks are very costly here. There is a need of prior reservation in the hotel.


Gulhar is the stall which is popular for its Chinese as well as Indian cuisine. The best part of the Gulhar is that they provide with the best dishes all time which are very famous among Indians like Tandoori Chicken and Kung-pao chicken which is very famous Chinese cuisine. It is the food centre which is located in the janpath market and having well trained staffs. It also provides the certain drinks which can accompanied the dish very well and liked by the people.

Pizza Hut

 Pizza hut is the stall which provides variety of delicious pizzas to its customers. Besides pizzas they also provide the different Italian foods like Pasta and many more. It is the stallwhich is very popular among the youngsters because of their taste and the affordable price. Pizza hut is very popular for its ‘Pan’ pizzas which attract the large customers towards it. There are other pizzas too which are famous among the people. They are Exotic Pizza, Garlic bread which is accompanied with cheese and lots of mushroom etc.